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Exploring the Connections between Giftedness, Creativity and Leadership

Houston, We Have A Problem
Exploring the connections between
Giftedness, Creativity and Leadership
Do you remember Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger?

He’s the pilot who famously landed his US Airways flight in the Hudson River when birds flew into one of the engines shortly after takeoff.

Captain Sullenberger proved that […]

Differentiation strategies for gifted students

Are you being forced to pick between an apple and an orange?

(A look at Lisa Van Gemert’s course, Differentiation in the Real World)

Ok, maybe the old apple/orange comparison is a little tired. So which is better, a scrambled egg or a boiled egg? What’s better, […]

Mind Sketching and Other Strategies for Building Academic Literacy in Gifted Students Raised in Poverty

See Spot Run… Now Sketch Spot Running!
Mind Sketching and Other Strategies for Building Academic Literacy in Gifted Students Raised in Poverty
How we get our Language
As a young girl, Joyce Juntune walked from her family’s small farm into town to buy groceries every week. As they […]

“At first I was hesitant about online training. Now, I can’t tell you how many teachers THANKED ME. I provided 260 hours of training to over 89 teachers and it only took me 15 minutes to set it all up. Plus the system makes accountability easy. Quality PD, a huge time saver, and happy teachers… you can’t get much better than that.”
Gina Peddy, GT Coordinator, Southlake Carroll ISD
Personally, I thought this type of training was great! I could watch it at my own pace, with allowed me time to go back & rewatch sections that I found valuable to me & my classes. This also allowed me time to take notes, I found myself going back & rewatching several individual sections to hear the info again. I was able to pause, so when my own children needed me I could stop, help get my children ready for bed & then resume in an hour or so. I really like that it’s a 1 hour course. It’s not too much to wrap your brain around. I truly hope these online courses will be available in the future!!
Sandra D., Keller ISD

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