(For Parents) Perfectionism in the Gifted Child

//(For Parents) Perfectionism in the Gifted Child
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(For Parents) Perfectionism in the Gifted Child


Presenter: Lisa Van Gemert, Gifted Guru
Core Area: Nature & Needs
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1 

This course is intended for parents of gifted students.

Imagine making a lifelong, unattainable goal. How would you feel day after day, year after year of continually not reaching your goal? Would it lead to frustration…anxiety…depression? That is the experience of a perfectionist as Lisa Van Gemert, M.Ed.T., explains in “Perfectionism in the Gifted Child.” In this 1-hour course, you will learn the different ways perfectionism is expressed and gain practical strategies for helping students overcome failure.

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No one can be a perfectionist because no one is perfect. And perfectionism is an occupational hazard of the gifted. Although giftedness and perfectionism often go hand-in-hand, perfectionism can have many “faces” and may look different in each individual. In this engaging and practical course, Lisa Van Gemert, M.Ed.T., explains how damaging perfectionism can be and how its strengths can be harnessed for good.

In this 1-hour course you will learn to:

  • Identify the five faces of perfectionism in gifted children
  • Build strategies to change perfectionism from unhealthy to healthy
  • Classify global failure from beneficial adversity
  • Utilize Barbara Clark’s model for overcoming failure
Ms. Van Gemert is the Youth and Education Ambassador for American Mensa. She provides programming and support for the young members of American Mensa as well as the gifted youth, educators and parents of the general public. Van Gemert serves as liaison to the Gifted Youth Committee, the National Association of Gifted Children and other organizations. She earned a Master’s of Education in Teaching from the University of Texas at Arlington and has previously worked as a teacher and high school administrator. 

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