Understanding the Neurology and Overexcitabilities in Gifted Students

Understanding the Neurology and Overexcitabilities in Gifted Students When different wiring requires different strategies I recall with cheeks aflame one particular visit to a restaurant during which my gifted child unleashed a cataclysmic tantrum . What set him off? I have no memory of what flipped the switch. But my memory is forever stung by [...]

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Perfectionism and the Gifted learner: A Blessing or a Bane?

In today’s review, we’ll take a look at Dr. Debbie Troxclair's Perfectionism Revisited. Dr. Troxclair currently teaches in the Department of Counseling and Special Populations at Lamar University. She has been following the research on perfectionism for the past 40 years. Due to this, and her experience as a teacher, Dr. Troxclair provides a knowledgeable [...]

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The Typical Classroom is Not Compatible with How the Brain Learns

(A review of John DeLandtsheer’s course:  The Brain Compatible Classroom) John Delandtsheer began his career in teaching in California before transitioning into administration. As an administrator he spent hours learning, sharing, and implementing strategies in making his classrooms brain compatible. This made his schools some of the top performing in the state. Decades of experience [...]

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Why Are Gifted Students A Little Out Of Sync: The Social & Emotional Development in Gifted Children

For many years educators have only taken the brain into account when working with gifted children without realizing that there are many other pieces to giftedness that it are essential to understand. Gifted children also have very unique social and emotional characteristics and needs which need to be understood and addressed if they are going [...]

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