Creativity & Instructional Strategies (6 Hour)

//Creativity & Instructional Strategies (6 Hour)

Creativity & Instructional Strategies (6 Hour)


Presenter: Lisa Van Gemert, Gifted Guru
Core Area: Creativity & Instructional Strategies
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 6

Leave behind the glitter and glue dots. Creativity in the classroom is less about art projects and more about helping students develop creative thinking skills. In this six-hour course, “Creativity and Instructional Strategies,” Lisa Van Gemert guides teachers through an in-depth look at how to bring creative instruction into their classrooms. Discover resources, inspiration, and knowledge that will make educators excited about teaching with creativity.

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Incorporating creativity into the classroom isn’t just about making art projects or decorations. It’s about teaching students to approach problems creatively and become richer, deeper thinkers.  Lisa Van Gemert, award-winning educational consultant, guides teachers through an in-depth look at how to bring creative instruction into their classrooms. This six-hour course, “Creativity and Instructional Strategies,” dives deep into what creativity is and how to use it in the classroom. 

Ms. Van Gemert uses data and research to explain the educational and personal benefits that students gain when they learn to think creatively. She addresses common myths about creativity, such as that it’s only useful for lower elementary grades or for certain subjects. After taking this course educators will have the resources, inspiration, and knowledge they need to make their classrooms engaging and exciting through creativity.

n this course educators will learn about:

  • How creativity affects a student’s learning 
  • Resources for cultivating a creative classroom
  • Creative activities
  • Humor and creativity

Ms. Van Gemert is the Youth and Education Ambassador for Mensa and an educational consultant. A former teacher and school administrator, she writes articles about giftedness and speaks about issues related to the education and parenting of gifted youth. She is a frequent conference speaker, expert consult to television shows about the gifted, writer of award-winning lesson plans, and author of the children’s and teacher’s guides to the National Book Festival. Ms. Van Gemert shares ideas, strategies, and resources on her website, She and her husband Steven live in Arlington, Texas, and are the parents of three sons.

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